Whether buying or selling, it can be daunting, IF you don't have a steady, experienced REALTOR (or two) guiding you through the process, helping you dodge the landmines.  Your life still goes on every day.   The trials and tribulations of your work, the activity of your kids, checking on grandma, yep, all that still demands your time.

This is what we do.   We take as much of the real estate "stuff" off your plate as possible.   We guide, recommend, handle, prepare and arrange so that you can continue living your life.

We will work very hard to help minimize your stress and make your dreams a reality.   Call Stephanie today.   She actually answers her phone!   We look forward to helping you start a new phase of life while keeping the current one on the tracks, just like you need to happen.

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Stephanie McCarty & Alex McCarty have set a new standard in the Georgia Real Estate Industry. Understanding our needs better than we did at times, Stephanie & Alex found us a fabulous home within minutes from my husband's job. Prior to find our new home, Stephanie & Alex proceeded to market our property, in which we were fortunate to have a contract within the first week. Stephanie provided feedback & encouraged us along the way as if we were truly working as a team.  Communication was excellent, very detailed, and I was able to text or phone outside of normal business hours regarding several key decisions that required our timely attention. We had hiccups as all house sales do, but honestly without Stephanie & Alex there to guide and support us I highly doubt we would have successfully moved at all! Now days away from closing on our new home we are excited & at awe at the journey but we are most grateful for the professionalism & dedication provided us during this time by Stephanie & Alex. There is no doubt that if we ever desire to move again we will solicit them to partner & guide us again.

The Washington family