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Home Search: Managing Expectations

The prices in this market are amazing and the selection is awesome. However, are you ready to face reality in your new home search? Many buyers think that most properties will be in move in ready condition - in fact, the reality is that sadly, few of the available properties are truly move in ready. Many available properties have been distressed for a while - homeowners were suffering financial hardship that didn't enable them to make regular repairs or attend to home maintenance issues. You will see some wood rot, you will see appliances that may be on their last leg, you will see broken plumbing fixtures, dirty walls and trim in need of paint, walls that all generally need to be repainted, and carpet that generally needs to be replaced.If you go into the search expecting the worst, maybe you will be better off when you find some pleasant surprises! Although much of what I have talked about in this blog would fall into the "cosmetic" category, it still costs real money. All new paint and all new carpet or other flooring replacement can be costly. If you budget does allow for any of this, talk to your agent and we can try to help you avoid the properties in worst condition, when possible. There are properties out there that are move in ready - even foreclosures, so don't let this keep you from jumping in the market - you will be VERY glad that you took advantage of historic pricing!
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